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Što svaki kuhar mora znati

svi tekstovi su na engleskom, izvučeni sa stranice LeChef Uniforms, koja nam je iste dopustila da koristimo. U svakom slučaju mislimo da će vam poneke od ovih silnih informacija, zasigurno dobro doći. Uživajte!




Legendary British chef Heston Blumenthal and his increasingly influential right-hand men Ashley Palmer-Watts and James ‘Jocky’ Petrie, Dinner by Heston mines historical British recipes from as far back as the 14th century and reworks them using contemporary cooking techniques. Dinner is not about delicate combinations or table theatrics, but gutsy dishes that will remain at the forefront of your memory bank for years to come.

Chef-patron Brett Graham has a down-to-earth attitude and a culinary approach that is Modern French with hints of Pacific and British. The cooking brilliantly is unassuming, and all the better for it.

Chef Bjorn Frantzen’s bijou central Stockholm restaurant has made major strides in proving that it's not just the Danes who lead the Scandi food revolution. Restaurant Frantzen's strengths lie in its use of an astonishing array of ingredients – 95% are from Sweden and many are plucked straight from the restaurant's own garden.

Chef-patron René Redzepi’s food can at times be shocking – visceral even – but it strives to reflect the Danish landscape and culture.

Chef Rasmus Koefed, a gold medal winner at the 2011 Bocuse d’Or cooking competition, believes that thoughtfulness can be tasted. Koefed has undertaken to create meals that involve all the diner’s senses as well as to challenge perceptions through his cooking.

Chef Peter Goossens is out to prove his kitchen’s handling of traditional ingredients in a sophisticated, creative manner is at the very core of its approach.With his wife, Lieve, running the elegant dining room, the pair make Hof Van Cleve Belgium’s best restaurant.

Sergio Herman’s Zeeland flagship, where cooking techniques are avant-garde, the daily-changing menu champions the area’s sensational seafood, and the restaurant is firmly rooted in its local community. Plates often come in multiple waves, some containing two elements – often two expressions of the same ingredient – designed to be eaten in succession.

Chef-patron Andreas Caminada has offered a unique experience, from contemporary-medieval décor to regional cuisine. With 16 lunch covers and 26 at dinner, each guest is made to feel like royalty. A playful yet respectful approach to ingredients results in clean flavours and often vibrant colours.

Chef Massimo Bottura - Brilliant yet eccentric, Bottura’s artistic, show-stopping food has secured him a fervent following

Massimiliano ‘Max’ Alajmo’s cooking at Le Calandre is traditional with the occasional contemporary twist – interesting, but not extreme, always concerned with what tastes good. Signature dishes including the kitchen’s famous saffron risotto with liquorice powder and, nearly always, a preparation of suckling pig, sometimes with a sauce made from local mustard and coffee powder or served with decadent amounts of finely grated white truffle.

Alinea restaurant

Few restaurants have had such a wide and immediate impact as Alinea, which burst onto the US scene in May 2005. Wowing Chicagoites, it stole the headlines for its food suspended on wires or plated onto the table. Eight years on, chef-patron Grant Achatz has striven to ensure his cooking remains at the creative forefront of “What’s Possible”.

Wylie Dufresne - His restaurant in Clinton St, New York has led the American vanguard for amazing food for well over 10 years.

Joel Robuchon – The grand master of French cuisine 2 Michelin star restaurant in London.

Chef Inaki Aizpitarte and his young passionate kitchen team helm the brilliant new wave of french cuisine at Le Chateaubriand. It’s unconventional, traditional, buzzy, egalitarian and yet contemporary. The daily-changing menu features ingredients have managed to get their hands on that day and springs surprises, with techniques ranging from French to Asian and South American.

The only female chef in France with three Michelin stars Anne-Sophie Pic, celebrates 120 years of kitchen of his dynasty from Sophie, her great-grandmother, and Andrew and his son Jacques.

Ferran Adria Spain – Currently closed until 2015.

Head chef Joan is alone a cook of the very highest order: he helped pioneer the widespread use of sous-vide cooking in the ’90s via his Roner machine, and is a technical maestro. Josep is the head sommelier who runs the supremely smooth front-of-house operation: understated but passionate. Jordi is the rule-breaking pastry chef whose creations blow the imagination.

Juan Mari Arzak Spain - This family-run San Sebastián restaurant has living legend of Basque cuisine Juan Mari Arzak at the helm, alongside daughter Elena Arzak Espina, the World’s Best Female Chef in 2012.

Oriol Balaguer  is without question one of the best pastry genius to come of Spain. Just take a look at the quality and excellence this man’s work, it will blow your creative mind.

Chef-patron Andoni Luis Aduriz aims to play with guests and reflect on the different ways a restaurant can have an impact, rather than just filling people up and sending them on their way.

Chef Dieter Koschina’s Portugese restaurant at one of the Algarve’s premier luxury hotel resorts is amongst the finest in Portugal. His training in northern Europe’s leading kitchens is evident in his dishes, while his 20-plus years living the Portuguese lifestyle shines through in his use of local market produce.

Chef Enrique Olvera opened Pujol almost 14 years ago. One of the leading exponents of new Mexican gastronomy, it is deeply immersed in the Mexico’s cultural legacy. Some dishes utilise time-honoured native seasonings, and dried insects also feature heavily.

Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio has a fine-dining empire that now stretches from Madrid to New York, but this Miraflores original remains his signature eatery, epitomising not just his Peruvian- Mediterranean style but also a completely new take on local ingredients coupled with great cooking techniques i.e. Peking guinea pig,

Husband and wife Daniel Redondo and Helena Rizzo use culinary influences from Brazil, Spain and Italy, and Rizzo’s Brazilian roots are always to the fore – hence the maniocas, baked and served with tucupi froth, coconut milk and white truffle olive oil.

Steirereck chef-owner Heinz Reitbauer’s cooking is finally getting the attention it merits. The menu is shaped around a commitment to its produce, with much sourced from Reitbauer’s own farm and from a co-operative he has formed with farmers.

Joachim Wissler - Joachim Wissler’s restaurant is a proponent of neue Deutsche küche, a doctrine that sees German restaurants break away from Gallic influence. Germanic ingredients and traditions come to the fore, often in a highly technical, avant-garde way.

Chef Ben Shewry is New Zealand-born, 35-year-old and often rises before dawn to forage on the shore near his family home in Melbourne. He’ll stop by local parks and even alleyways, as well as Attica’s own gardens, to pick up more raw materials to prepare meticulously for the restaurant that day.

Chef David Chang’s first in Australia is Momofuku Seiobo is a rollercoaster ride of acid, crunch, root vegetables, pickles, and seeds with meat highlights, leaving you hungry for more at every turn. Good to Know – Momofuku whilst sounding like an expletive actually means” Lucky Peach”.

Chef Peter Gilmore’s infatuation with his region’s produce results in thoughtful dishes that showcase New South Wales’s ingredients in their prime. Coupled with sweeping panoramic views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge on each side of the restaurant, it is the near perfect restaurant.

Australian-born David Thompson scoured century-old Thai cookbooks for his restaurant on the ground floor of Bangkok’s Metropolitan Hotel. He found obscure but big-flavour dishes, many of which hadn’t been seen for years, such as southern-style grilled mussels smoked with coconut husks then cooked with curry-infused coconut cream.

Shanghai-based chef Paul Pairet opened Mr & Mrs Bund in 2009. In a large, strikingly designed and quietly luxurious space, it marries a relaxed, bordering-on-casual atmosphere and service style with brilliant twists on bistro dishes. Billed as a new type of ‘Modern Eatery’, Mr & Mrs Bund paves the way for mainland China’s restaurants on an international scale.

Seiji Yamamoto’s defiant perfectionism and attention to detail are the hallmarks of his Roppongi destination, showcasing a labour-intensive cuisine that respects tradition while using the latest in kitchen gadgetry. Yamamoto is an exponent of modern Japanese cooking while staying true to its roots, with seasons and providence of the Japanese-only ingredients observed religiously.

Taiwanese chef André Chiang’s 30-seat restaurant in Singapore’s historic China Town. The frequently changing Mediterranean-influenced menu orbits around ‘octaphilosophy’ – what Chiang deems the characteristics of his gastronomy: Unique, Texture, Memory, Pure, Terroir, Salt, South and Artisan.

Chef Julien Royer - Here is a young chef already cooking at the very highest level…On the 70th floor with a vista of Singapore’s skyline and waterways, you will be transfixed by the view – but only until the food arrives Presentation is stunning, witty and the flavours never disappoint.

Italian chef Umberto Bombana, originally from Bergamo in northern Italy, opened this Hong Kong favourite in 2010. Pasta courses demonstrate masterful flavour-layering, while Italian classics make up the meat and fish mains.

Chef Luke Dale-Roberts is one of the people to watch on the South African culinary scene. Previously he was in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants during his time at Constantia’s La Colombe in 2010. However, it is in the past two-and-a half years, running his own venture, The Test Kitchen in the shabby-chic district of Woodstock in Cape Town, it is here that his distinctive talent is making global headlines.

Chef Simon Wright is mastering his craft and it shows on the plate, the concept where every dish has been finely honed and the execution is sublime. He's got his own classics, such as the astonishing delicious duck, but his menu keeps evolving and with the French Kitchen recently opened who knows where to from here.With Creghan Molloy-Wright overseeing the service. There is no more impeccable dining experience in New Zealand than at The French Cafe, knowledgeable, super-efficient service people silently gliding around the room.



Jamie Oliver UK

Albert & Ferran Adria

Pierre Gagnaire

Marco Pierre-White

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Harold McGee web site, food science and food articles

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Jean-Georges Vongerichten

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Tim Maelzer

Michel Bras

Pastry Chef Laurie Jon Moran

Pastry Chef Janice Wong



Directory - Extensive list of the best recipe web sites on the web. Chef Guide to Recipes.

Recipe and inspirational ideas from Great British Chefs incl; Marcus Wareing, Adam Grey, Alyn Williams, Andre Garret, Martin Wishbone, Daniel Clifford, Shaun Hill, Simon Hulstone.

Online Video  - Molecular Gastronomy Network is a video sharing community for modern and creative cooks!

Molecular gastronomy ("modern cuisine", "modernist cuisine", "experimental cuisine" or "avant-garde cuisine  ) seeks to investigate and explain the chemical reasons behind the transformation of ingredients, as well as the social, artistic and technical components of culinary and gastronomic phenomena in general.

Critically acclaimed chefs from all over the world lend their ideas and recipes to this excellent online cookbook.

Great site showing a family tree of flavours and ingredients - Discover an inspiring world of new flavour combinations.

Brilliant food web site for professional chefs, inspirations, blog, recipes, great food photos.

Contains everything to do with BBC food programs, recipes, presenters.

USA site with recipes from the world’s top chefs incl, Adria, Arola, Boloud, Dufresne, plus much, much more.

Non animal product recipes from a professional vegan chef with animal-free recipes.

The main US home cooking web site with recipes, inspirations and shopping.

Thesaurus on Food, History, Quotes, Archive, Trivia, Recipes, Research.

USA Food TV Channel,  covering everything about food from most of the top US chefs and food people, incl recipes and all that’s happening with food in the USA.

UK Food TV and web site devoted to everything about food, with recipes from all the best TV chefs incl: Michel Roux jnr, Nigel Slater, Bill Granger, Mark Hix.

Food News and Discussion & professional chefs recipes.

The official Jamie Oliver web site, recipes, ideas, info and Jamies Blogg.

An Indian recipe site that covers not just recipes but techniques, tools and tips.

Gordon Ramsays techniques and extensive library of recipes for the home online and ready for everyone.

International Chef, Restaurant Awards & Food Guides

The Good Food Guide Readers' Restaurant of the Year Award, celebrating great food and good service at restaurants, pubs and cafés throughout the UK. Members of the public are invited to nominate their favourite independent dining establishments in their local area by submitting a Good Food Guide postcard or nominating online.

With a galaxy of names and faces from the UK restaurant industry in attendance. After polling the votes of 150 chefs, restaurants, food writers, critics and experts from across all regions of the country, the top 100 restaurants in the UK were revealed and the full list of category winners were announced as follows:
National Restaurant of the Year - The Ledbury, London
Gastropub of the Year - The Hand & Flowers, Marlow.

Discover this year's best restaurants from around the world with The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Guide 2013. See details on the world’s greatest restaurants according to a panel of over 900 experts.

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list is an annual global awards of the opinions and experiences of over 900 international restaurant industry experts. Search for Asia’s 50 Best 50 restaurants;  Bangladesh, Burma/Myanmar, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Maldives, Micronesia, Nauru, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vietnam.

Latin Americas inaugural Top 50 Restaurant kicked off an exciting year in 2013 - the quest begins to Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants;   Argentina, Bahamas, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guyana, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay , Venezuela.

The most influential, table filling, career breaking restaurant reviews in the USA.

The Awards every US chef of note takes seriously. Covering all aspects of the industry; from chefs and restaurateurs to cookbook authors and food journalists to restaurant designers and architects and more—the Beard Awards are the highest honor for food and beverage professionals working in North America.

The M.O.F. Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman of France), is a title that was created in France at the turn of the last century.Chef are recognisable by their famous red, white and blue collar, the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France earn their title for excellence. Artisans of the kitchen, they are chosen for their expertise, talent and creativity. The title confers national and even international recognition of excellence on its holders.

The “Bocuse d'Or” (the Concours mondial de la cuisine, World Cooking Contest) is a biennial world chef championship. Started in 1987 by the iconic chef Paul Bocuse.

Academy of Culinary Arts

The Master of Culinary Arts (MCA) is held every four years and is seen to be the ultimate accolade, awarded in recognition of outstanding craftsmanship, for Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Restaurant Managers in the UK. Inspired by Michel Bourdin, then Chef de Cuisine at The Connaught and supported by Albert and Michel Roux OBEs the MCA is based on the  “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (MOF).



FOUR is frequently regarded the worlds best food magazine, breaking the mould by giving readers an insight into the minds of some of the world's most talented and well-respected chefs.

A new food magazine co-created by the Chef owner of Momofuku David Chang breaks many of the conventions of magazine journalism. LUCKY PEACH is a creative quarterly journal of food and writing, each issue focuses on a single theme, and explores that theme through essays, art, photography, and recipes.

A cutting edge food magazine. Food, insanity, brilliance and love. Intelligent and different way of writing about the world culinary scene, in English, for everyone.

The original Spanish magazine links and the long awaited English speaking version. Being closer to a book than to a magazine, Apicius presents some forms and contents that are far from everything published so far in the world of cooking. Technical product development, philosophy, author, tradition... and all presented with the utmost professionalism and rigor, but seasoned with love, agility, and an absolutely overwhelming freshness.

For Pastry Chefs - The exclusiveness of this magazine is a result of a selected content, based on the collaboration and recipes of the best pastry chefs, with numerous step-by-step explanations, the most interesting interviews, the latest trends in the trade, the most important international events, the latest gourmet products...all this accompanied by an impeccable, elegant, modern design and high-quality photographs.

Good Food Australia online magazine with all that’s happening with food, chefs and restaurants in Australia, read it here first

Part news blog, magazine, competitions, great for jobs, suppliers all round place for chefs everywhere to get inspired, share and learn.

Gourmet Traveller online magazine, up to date, food news, chefs and restaurant reviews.

Jean-Georges blog into what he is doing and eating.

Chat room for chefs wanting to ask questions and find out more about cooking and almost anything to do with kitchens and food.

For those who like reading about the food world nearly as much as they like eating, this is a useful starting point.

For serious foodies who want scientifically proven recipes and a Consumer Reports-like approach to food tools.

This online magazine and blog is dedicated to food lovers throughout the world who have embarked on the quest of searching out the best restaurants, food stores, wines and food.



Learn how to hunt and gather safely in an off-grid HQ in the woods and are designed to teach participants how to identify, process and cook a range of wild plants and animals to a high standard.

Much of what we find when foraging would be considered food for fine dining and often beyond a normal household budget. So why not learn how to find it for free?

Sustainable and ethical food information - Slow Food was founded in 1989 to counter the rise of fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.

Eat the Seasons aims to promote an understanding of food seasons. Each week we focus on one food, which is currently in season, and share enlightening facts, useful tips and enticing recipe ideas picked from the web and our favourite books

USA Professional Chef Resource for Chefs: Job Board, US Culinary School and Institute Directory, Forums, Blogs, Foodservice News, Classifieds and Recipes.

The Cook's Thesaurus is a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions.

Maori food web site featuring bush foods and recipes native to New Zealand.

Find every worldwide restaurant entry in the Michelin guide – Japan has more Michelin restaurants than any other country

USA Restaurant reviews, foodie online magazine and blog.

Professional grade Baking Supplies and world-class Pastry Ingredients. Largest assortment and internet's largest USA bakery and pastry chef equipment supplier.

Ever wonder how the ancient Romans fed their armies? What the pioneers cooked along the Oregon Trail? Who invented the potato chip...and why? So do we!!!

Government web site on food labeling, safety, nutrition & official up to date info on hazards.

Nutrition Guide (PDF)

FSA Nutrient and Food Based Guidelines for UK.

Health and Safety Executive and Health and Safety Commission website, legislation, publications, online help.

RIDDOR puts duties on employers, the self-employed and people in control of work premises (the Responsible Person) to report certain serious workplace accidents, occupational diseases and specified dangerous occurrences.

Resource web site with Information on many allergies, help, meal recipes and much more.

Resource web site for child and young peoples dietary health, recipes, tips managing food allergies and intolerances.

Leading UK and EU food hygiene and health and safety advice consultancy and staff training programs.

Food Safety trainers in the UK, sorted by county. Contains contact and course details.

European Food Safety - The EU has developed a comprehensive body of food safety legislation, which is being continually monitored and adapted as new developments arise.

Food Standards Australia

FSANZ develops food standards to cover the food industry in Australia and New Zealand. We develop the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code which regulates the use of ingredients, processing aids, colourings, additives, vitamins and minerals. The code also covers the composition of some foods e.g. dairy, meat and beverages as well as standards developed by new technologies such as genetically modified foods.



One of the best and easy to use recipe and costing software programs for professional chefs and kitchens, download free trial copies for 30 days.

Recipe Costing Software and Menu Planning Software for professionals in the foodservice industry.

Nutritional Analysis - MenuCalc is the leader of online web-based nutrition analysis designed for restaurants and food professionals.

MenuCoster provides recipe costing, nutritional analysis  - MenuCoster is a web-based recipe and menu management tool that is easy, fast and fun to use.



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